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Gate Union- Join the User Invitation Competition, Share $16,000 and Extra Bonus

2021-09-29 10:01:13Read:1338319

From Sept 29th to Oct 13th, 2021, Gate.io will hold a user invitation competition. Gate Union will be ranked by the total trading volume of eligible users. Gate.io has prepared more than a $16,000 reward for Gate Union members! The higher the trading volume of eligible users, the higher the ranking and the corresponding reward! First come, first served!

Complete the form to participatehttps://www.gate.io/en/questionnaire/896

Duration: Sept 29th, 2021 - Oct 13th, 2021UTC


-During the campaign, the affiliate invites new users to trade on Gate.io;

-Meet one of the following two conditions to be eligible to participate

1. A minimum of 10 users to sign up with your Gate.io referral link

2.The affiliate’s referrals need to reach a minimum total trading volume equivalent to or exceeding 10,000 USDT to be eligible to participate.

-Joining Gate Union, you will have more opportunities to win the rewards.

join Gate Union: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/234


1. Up to 40% commission of all trading fees from your invitees.

Details: https://www.gate.io/referral

2. The top 50 eligible Gate Union members will share the tokens equivalent to $16,000. (Rankings are based on the number of participants’ new referrers and the trading volume of effective users recommended by all participants.)

The 1st place - 1,200 $

The 2nd place - 1,000 $

The 3rd place - 800 $

The 4th-10th place - 500 $ each

The 11th-50th place will share $9,500

3.Those who qualify for admission within the first three days of the campaign will receive an extra reward up to $20.

Complete the form to participatehttps://www.gate.io/en/questionnaire/896


-All participants need to fill in the application form, otherwise it will not be included in the list of winners;

-Participants must agree and comply with Gate.io terms. The use of duplicate accounts and any other unethical behavior is strictly prohibited;

-Any content or actions that could bring disrepute to the Gate.io brand is strictly prohibited;

Violation of above three points will result in rewards being cancelled immediately;

-Rewards will be given in equivalent tokens and distributed to the winners’ accounts and can be viewed at“My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details”;

-Gate.io reserves all rights to the final explanation.

Gate.io is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013

Top ranking, Trustworthy, Transparent

Sign up to enter the crypto gateway and get 40% commission from referrals

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Gate.io Team

Sep 29, 2021

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