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Gate.io Blog

Gate.io Blog, The latest official news


18 September

Gate. io AMA : Indicator - MACD

Q: What is MACD? A: We have presented AMA of MA, the difference between MA and MACD is: 1.MA, is showing the price position according to the calculation of the period data. 2.MACD, is showing the trend is strengthening or weakening. Q: What is the definition of MACD?...



17 September

Gate.io Weekly Newsletter: Fake News of Walmart’s Acceptance of Litecoin Caused Severe Market Volatility, Gate.io Launches Early-stage Venture Fund Gate Ventures

Listen to the Audio version here Altcoin News Podcast: https://gateio.buzzsprout.com/ Important Announcement From Gate.io To help the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries move forward in innovative practices in the future, and facilitate innovations in the digital...



17 September

Gate.io Blog - From Metaverse to Hyperverse: the Evolving NFT Space

By Bernabe L., Gate.io Researcher Source: lootproject.com The cryptoverse and everything related to it evolves at great speed. Constant new innovations and ideas become novel use cases that expand into yet more projects, compounding its growth. NFTs have been without a d...



17 September

Gate.io Observation: How to use cloud mining to mine Bitcoin in just one click?

Gate.io Observer: Hannah.H There are basically three ways to own cryptocurrencies. You can either buy them, recieve them as gifts or mine them. For ordinary people, buying and mining are the most direct ways to obtain Bitcoin. However, the former one requires a high capital, while...



14 September

Gate. io AMA: Indicator - KDJ

Dan :Hi, nice to see you. Jane:Hi, again, it's our AMA time. Dan :Yes, what is the topic for today? Jane: We already learned 2 Indicators - MACD, BOLL Jane : So today, we're gonna learn another Indicator, which is KDJ Dan :Great, let's get started....



14 September

Difference Between Perpetual Futures and Spot Trading

Spot trading is the instantaneous buying and selling of assets, whereas perpetual futures is buying and selling of assets at a predetermined price but with no expiry date.This means traders such as yourself can immediately buy or sell a digital asset like BTC, ETH, etc., at a given price with spot t...



14 September

[Hot Spots] Will the “Demon Coin” Cardano _ADA_ Be an “Ethereum Killer” with the Alonzo Hard Fork Live?

By Ashley. H, Gate.io Researcher [TL; DR] 1. Cardano’s network upgrade, Alonzo was live on September 13, 2021, and the Cardano network will step into the smart contracts stage. 2. The development of Cardano can be divided into five phases. With the completion of the hard fork update, the...



10 September

Gate.io Weekly Newsletter: DeFi and NFTs Continue To Grow Rapidly, British Bank Optimistic About ETH Surpassing BTC in the Near Future

Important Announcement From Gate.io In September, Gate.io and TRON Eco will organize the "Six Tokens in a Month-long Event" series of events. The series includes special events for six tokens: Tron(TRX), BitTorrent(BTT) and WINkLink(WIN), SUN, Just(JST), and APENFT(NFT). There will also be a s...



09 September

Gate. io AMA : Bitcoin Whale and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

Pinned message : ❗️❗️ Do not panic! You’re not banned, you are just muted temporarily for Gate.io AMA event ❗️❗️ The AMA Flow: Session 1: Group will be muted to have several questions with our Guest including introduction. Session 2: Group will b...



08 September

How Does Futures Market Affect The Cryptocurrency Market?

Before the futures market launch, traders could earn only due to the increase in a price and not by a decrease in the price. They couldn’t speculate a decrease, and the only way to earn money with a decrease in the price is by short-selling the assets. However, the debut of futures markets into...


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